Welcome to the home of Dr Brendan S. Lanham, marine ecologist at the University of Melbourne.

Currently my work at the University of Melbourne is on developing optimal substrates for shellfish reef restoration.

My past research has consisted of understanding biotic interactions in shallow marine subtidal habitats and oyster reef restoration. This includes work on:

  • Traditional and eco-friendly boat moorings and how they interact with local fish communities,
  • Facilitation cascades, where one habitat forming species (in my case a clam) allows the settlement of another habitat forming species (seaweed), providing habitat for invertebrates and fish. Here I work on how the seaweed differs when settled on clams in contrast to the seaweed settled on a neighbouring reef.
  • An expanding seaweed (Caulerpa filiformis) and it’s effects on the invertebrates inhabiting surrounding (more palatable) seaweeds.
  • Oyster reef restoration: trialling biodegradable substrates for restoration and understanding biotic and abiotic limitations for oyster recruitment.