Thesis acknowledgements

As scientists we write acknowledgements all the time, but the people that we thank and that were essential in the work generally don’t see them. Considering this, I’ve decided to put my PhD thesis acknowledgements out there for all to see.

I’ve been away from posting on here for quite some time as I finished my thesis, but over the next few months I’ll post a little more often on what finishing a PhD is like and what post thesis life is like. So here’s the first, my acknowledgements copied straight from my thesis (pictures added just for this post)…

“First and foremost, I would like to thank my family. Mum and Dad, for your continued support over the last 10 years, and especially since commencing my PhD. Your unwavering support and interest in my work has been extremely motivating and I would never have got this far without you. To Wade, Jo, Bec, Top Knot, Wendi, Jakey, and the kids for having a love of the natural world at such a young age, thank you so much for everything. Whether it be a place to stay, shouting me dinner or a beer, or being there to talk, it’s made a huge difference, so thank you. You’ve all played a massive part in this and this PhD is just as much yours as it is mine.


From left to write: Dad, youngest sister Wendi, Mum (on the phone, skyping in from Victoria) and older brother Wade.

To my two supervisors, Alistair and Paul, know it’s a cliche to say “I wouldn’t be here without my supervisors” but it is 100 % true in this situation. You’ve both played a massive role in my development as a scientist and inspired me to be a better researcher and person. I honestly hope our working relationships and friendships continue for many years to come. Thank you for everything.


My supervisors, Paul (left) and Alistair (right)

My past and present lab mates, thank you so much for all of your friendship and help throughout this process. From the early days, if it wasn’t for the help of great friends and scientists like Keryn Bain, Hannah Shepppard Brennand, and Sally Bracewell (to name a few) in the field, the lab, at the pub and with learning R, those first 12 months would have been extremely difficult. To the whole marine ecology group, since we all moved into the same lab space there has been wonderful support and collaboration among labs that has meant every single one of you has played a support role and I thank you for that. Special thank you to those that have been there from the start that have finished, Aria Lee, Ruby Garthwin, Hayden Shilling Nina Schafer and Jess Merrett. To our many international visitors, thank you for bringing your enthusiasm and accents to the lab but a special mention to the few that became great mates and vastly improved my PhD experience. Mathilde Chevalier, Carlos Navarro, Chloe Wilson and the OG intern Sam Burrell, you all had a big impact on my time here and I thank you for that. My ever faithful undergrad students, thank you for inspiring me to be a better teacher and scientist, with special mention to Sam Nolan and Holly Trim for your massive efforts in the field and in the lab. To those of you that have come through to complete your honours, to watch you develop from my students to fellow researchers has been extremely rewarding and fills me with pride. On that note, thank you to Sian Liddy, those days in the field were much needed and seeing you develop as a researcher and produce a high quality thesis made me very proud.

group shot submission

The gang! (Lab mates and family that attended my hand in)

Finally to my friends from inside and outside the university, I know I can be difficult to deal with at the best of times but thank you for being there for me when I needed it. From outside the university, all of my present and past housemates, thank you for putting up with me through the stressful times and to Michael Trinco and Jack Anthony, thank you for keeping our friendships alive throughout this process. Final special mentions to Janine Ledet, Kingsley Griffin, and Damon Bolton for your assistance in every way possible from the beginning. You’ve been an amazing support base. I thank you for your help and support in the field (in some atrocious conditions), and off the field. You are all inspiring people, thank you for being in my life.

I’d also be a fool not to thank Trav at Cafe Brioso (a.k.a., the coffee cart) for keeping me caffeinated for the last 10 years. And of course, anyone I have missed. I am tired and there’s no doubt that I’ve missed someone very important but your are only forgotten in writing, which is saved to hard disk, and never erased but you will no doubt be remembered as soon as I print this and I will feel terrible.

Much obliged.”


And of course there’s some people I missed. Firstly, the academics that weren’t my supervisors but played an important role in my development, Adriana Vergés and Emma Johnston and a couple of students from other universities that became good friends and collaborators throughout my PhD, Gus Porter and Paco Martinez. Thanks everyone!

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