G’day! Where to start ay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I guess i’ll start with the five W’s: who, what, when, where, and why.


This post will be about me, and not my research or experiences as a postgraduate student. If you don’t care about that, skip this post.

I’m a marine ecology PhD student. I’ll give some more insight into my previous and current research at a later date, but it revolves around the ecological role of fish in temperate marine systems. I think i’ll start this whole adventure with more of a description of myself (at least how I see myself) and hopefully give you some sort of insight into who I am. That way you can decide right away whether you think it’s worth coming back, or whether you think i’m a knob.

I’m writing this as a 29 year old second year postgrad. It’s something I never even considered when I started out with my degree, and my first year grades certainly didn’t highlight me as postgrad potential. But hey! Things change. I may have made it to this point (how? I’ll let you know in a later post) but sometimes (most of the time) I feel completely out of my depth as a postgrad! This is common with early career researchers (imposter syndrome), but sometimes that knowledge doesn’t help. I guess i’m mentioning this for those that are starting out or considering a postgraduate degree and are concerned that they are in too deep! Don’t be afraid! It’s very common.

Besides my life at the university I have a number of things that consume my time (and money, let it be known that i’m terrible with money so ignore any complaints about being broke from this point forth). For starters I live in Sydney’s inner west. I haven’t always lived here but I love it. It’s an amazing place to live, it’s really diverse and community driven (also the lock out laws haven’t arrived (yet)). I spent most of my life in Sydney’s southern suburbs (Oatley area) and I thought i’d never leave, but different circumstances led to me moving to my current location and i’m stoked I ended up here.

As for the weekends! I’m a mountain biker, and i’m happiest when i’m riding a lot, even if it’s just my half hour commute to work erryday. I try and get out and into the bush as often as possible. So most weekends (maybe, ask my housemates) I get a ride in. Usually in the National Park (south of Sydney), but sometimes here and here. Anyway, it’s fucking sweet and I love it, even if I almost die every time I have to ride up a hill.


Me with (most of) my team after my last lap in the Mont 24 hour mountain bike race

If i’m not riding I spend my weekends on the couch watching sport. Actually, I do this every weekend but sometimes it’s after a ride. It’s generally cricket, NRL (Dragons fan) and motorsport. Big V8 Supercars, and Ford, fan. I’m into basically all motorsport actually. You know what, there’s minimal sporting codes that i’m not into (soccer).

Tunes!! Love my tunes. So much so that I think people believe that I don’t like them because i’d rather be alone reading with my music, or drowning them out with headphones in the office hahaha. I do love my music, but I cannot describe what genres i’m not for shit! I’ll give it a go though. WARNING: most people hate my music! I’m a product of the emo days (I know what you’re thinking. It’s “FUCK YEAH! This bloke is a bloody legend”). Those days were my prime (looks off into the distance remembering the good times). So I listen to music that has similarities to emo music from the early 00’s. Pop-punk mostly, but some heavier stuff as well. Current likes: blink 182 (an always like), The Wonder Years, Real Friends, Trophy Eyes, The Amity Affliction, The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, Neck Deep, The Copyrights, The Decemberists (completely different). Well, you get the jist (maybe).


Bikes, all of the sports, tunes. That about sums it up. Wait! Lots of water in a big glass case! I’ve always had some type of aquarium. Currently, it’s a planted freshwater aquarium. I’ll reveal more at a later date as this set up is quite new and may fail miserably!

Man, things just keep popping into my head! This next like of mine popped into my head because my housemate just handed me a big ol’ glass of red wine! Perfect. So I like the occasional alcoholic beverage. Likes: beer (I also home brew), red wine (McLaren Vale (SA) Shiraz), whiskey, and gin (and many more).

Coffee. Obviously I drink lots of coffee.

Well that’s a pretty decent insight I think.

So from here: I’ll post a few more in quick succession (maybe even at the same time) with an insight into my research and my reasons for this blog. After that? I’m not really sure to be honest. It’ll be a blog documenting my thoughts on #phdlyf and the final 18 or so months I have left (hopefully).

Who knows!

Ps. Hopefully somebody reads this

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